The Rose Charities projects in Nepal are currently under review 

Rose Charities New Zealand supports the Lumbini Eye Insitute program of training female community level eye screeners. Village women are trained to identify and advise on eye conditions in their communities as well as teach basic eye hygiene / care.  Early identification with treatment follow up can, in many cases, save sight   (ie glaucoma, trachoma etc )

Rose Charities New Zealand is also supporting the building of Kapilavastu Eye Clinic in rural Nepal, which will provide screening, and medical services as well as a center for visiting eye surgical teams

Note: Buddhism and Kapilavastu...

“Upon arriving at Kapilavastu the Buddha and the Sangha spent the night at the Nyagrodha Park where King Shuddhodana and his court came out to meet them. The Shakyas were a proud warrior clan and the Buddha and his ragged band did not impress them. They still thought of the Buddha as merely a wayward kinsman. King Shuddhodana himself was not pleased to see that his son had become a wandering mendicant, even though he was esteemed as a great spiritual teacher. In order to put things in perspective, the Buddha performed a series of miracles including the “twin miracle” of levitating into the air and shooting forth jets of fire and water from his body…”