Feature Image: The Volset School Uganda


 Helping close to 200 poor Ugandan children, some of whom had been simply abandoned, the Volset School does amazing work, on very little. As one can imagine though it has huge needs.    http://www.rosecanada.info/volset-sucess-stories/



This site is a directory / ‘roadmap’ site of all Rose Charities projects categorized by geographical area and project focus. Individual project websites are also listed under their geographical section

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Project foci:

Health [H], Special Needs [P], Education [E], Orphanage [G], Community dev [M], Sports [S], Microcredit/Income Generation [M], Early Childhood [I], Training [T], Counseling [C], Building/Equip/Refurb [B], Womens Groups [W], Disaster Relief [D], Safe Motherhood [F]

Project classification system.. ie XX.YY.ABCxxx

XX – Country of registration of project (internet country code used)
YY- Country Rose organization of which the project is or has a component which is a member project
ABC – Function code (see tabs in this website), in order of degree of importance (two or more may be equal importance)
xxx – Number of the project (ie there may be more than one project per classification series)

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