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2016 – 2017 Rose Charities International Report and Update

rose-logo20:20 …  Now in 2017 Rose Charities will have now  been in  existence  somewhere in the world for 20 years. that Rose has actively supported programs in 20 countries.  It would have been hard to imagine 20 years ago the degree of  expansion which has occurred   (click for report .. pdf)

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Thriving and enhancing their local communties: Rose Canada 2016 Annual Chair Report

leonardo-touch“In reviewing the annual reports of all the different projects, I am amazed at how much is achieved and how despite the challenges of funding from year to year the projects continue to thrive and enhance their local communities”. . ..  Maggie Francis  Chair Rose Charities Canada 2016.  (click for 2016 annual pdf report)  




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Throwing malaria out of school – Ugandan hero program !

andres-malaria1Malaria is being tackled in rural Ugandan schools with Dr Anrew Macnab’s remarkable early rapid diagnosis and treatment program delivered by trained school ‘malaria hero’s’, school staff especially trained.  Implemented by Rose Charities Canada’s  Dr Andrew and HEDA Uganda, the program is giving hugely successful, recorded results, cutting the absenteeism through sickness much hated by student and teacher alike.   Please click here to see the most recent paper on the marvellous results.

andrew-malaria2 andrew-malaria3

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Sweet potatoes help kids to read learn in Uganda !





A novel project is leading the way for schools in Uganda to improve the nutrition of pupils and boost their ability to read.

The Rose Charities Hillman Medical Education Fund school garden project teaches children how to grow food but also supplies produce for lunch programs to feed children who come to school hungry.

Two of the items grown, orange sweet potatoes and beans are especially nutritious and help students to learn. The orange flesh of the sweet potatoes is rich in nutrients including Vitamin A which prevents blindness and is essential to fight infections and beans are rich in iron.

Together, the good things in these crops help children who have micronutrient deficiencies because they do not get enough to eat, and as a result not only do they become healthier they learn to read much quicker.

32% of children under 5 in Uganda are Vitamin A deficient. The World Health Organization now endorses school programs such as ours as a way to help undernourished children worldwide, and has said “Cultivating the garden, both literally and figuratively,” is the way to go.

“WHO Vitamin A deficiency | Micronutrient deficiencies”

School kids show project founder Dr Andrew Macnab their vegetable garden..

School kids show project founder Dr Andrew Macnab their vegetable garden..

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‘The Rehearsal’ : New, acclaimed NZ movie: Director Alison McLean, Co-script, Emily Perkins.. see it with Rose NZ and support Samoan children.. 24 August 2016, Auckland

rosenz-emily-film2Project Toolkit Samoa (click)

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‘Project Toolkit’: Rose NZ aims ENT help to Samoan kids..


Caption: Rose Charities NZ chairperson, Trish Gribben examines a custom-designed “toolbox” which will carry delicate ENT instruments between Auckland and Apia, Samoa.

Project Toolkit” — ENT for Samoa

It’s for the little ones.” — Dr P.J. Faumui

Rose Charities NZ has an exciting new project – to take Ear, Nose and Throat surgery to Samoa, to help an estimated 25,000 children who need treatment.

“Project Toolkit” is the dream of a Samoan ENT surgeon who lives in Whanganui, Dr P.J. Faumui. There is no permanent ENT surgeon in Samoa and every time “PJ” (as he is affectionately known) visits his family in Samoa he conducts an ENT clinic at Apia Hospital. PJ sees about 40 or 50 patients a day but, without good medical instruments, is able to give them only very simple low-risk treatment.

So Rose Charities NZ has commited to Project Toolkit, a $45,000 set of top quality ENT instruments and the custom-designed trays which will make it possible to transport them between New Zealand and Samoa for visiting volunteer surgeons to conduct ENT clinics there. The trays, with silicone inserts to keep the instruments safe and secure, are designed to allow for sterilisation and for customs inspections.

PJ himself will head the team of volunteers, some of whom work at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital.

Sheffmed, an Auckland-based medical equipment company is collaborating with the project. It has offered discounted prices and a vital role in maintaining and keeping the Toolkit safe when it is back from the tropical conditions of Samoa. Sheffmed will also liaise with volunteer doctors who are heading to Samoa.

Why has Rose Charities NZ, which has an international reputation for it support of eye clinics in Cambodia and Nepal, decided to focus on ENT surgery?

“Children who have untreated ear, nose and throat problems in early childhood, like “glue ear”, can be scarred for life,” says Rose chairperson Trish Gribben. “If they can’t hear well, they don’t do well at school, they become disruptive, they have behaviour problems. It’s not far-fetched to say untreated ENT problems can be a building block for an anti-social life.

“The children in Samoa are our neighbours. They deserve something better. The Kiwi Rose Trustees are really excited about PJ’s Project Toolkit. It fits Rose philosophy perfectly: Help a local person to do a grassroots project when a little effort can have a BIG impact,” says Trish.

“When I signed up with Sheffmed I asked PJ if he was thrilled,” said Trish. “His reply: “Well, it is for the little ones.”

“Rose NZ is hooked. Now we have to find the money. It is a big project for us as we are all volunteers. But we are delighted to be working with some Rotary clubs throughout New Zealand. And, through them, with the Harold Thomas Trust which is the legacy of the first New Zealander to be president of Rotary International, set up to provide health care for children in the Pacific. Harold Thomas just happens to have been my uncle — it is all a perfect fit, says Trish.

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Master Pianist Rustsuko Yamagishi to play in Vancouver again June 23rd. Ecuador and Kumamoto earthquake assistance

rutsuko16-for-annieDate:  Thursday 23rd June 2016

Location: Canadian Memorial Church Hall & Peace Centre. 15th and Burrard, Vancouver

Time:  Start 7.30 (doors open 6.30pm)

Admission: In advance $30  $25-Students ( At door $40/$35)

Parking: Street parking available plus a limited number of places at Centre for Peace

Ms Rutsuko Yamagishi is a world class pianist, returning now for her third AMDA/RoseCharities charity concert.  Born in Vancouver,  Rutsuko, emigrated to Japan to continue her career as a virtuoso.  In much demand, world-wide, Rutsuko nevertheless donates her performances to AMDA/Rose Charities Charitable causes.  On this occasion, proceeds will go to assist in both Ecuador and Kumamto Earthquake assistance.



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Rose Vlll International Meeting: Uganda: April 2016… Education and Community Health

smile-kids1 The 8th Rose Charities International Meeting is being held in Kampala Uganda on Friday 15th April 2016 with a later optional workshop session at Mbarara on Monday 18th April.

Rose Charities now has a 20 year history of sustainable program development and management with close to  100% success.  The secrets of these achievements have become clear and will be presented and discussed at the meeting along with other topics.  (see the program below).

All who are interested are welcome. Attendance is free and includes lunch and morning and afternoon session refreshments.   Registration however is necessary(so we know numbers)  by emailing  RoseConference@yahoo.com .  See you there !

Our amazing conference speakers ! [click]



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Achievements 2015: Rose Charities Canada … “Lets Just Try !”



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Its not just the All Blacks ! .. Rose Charities NZ – a wonderful year 2015 – newsletter ..


Its not just the amazing All Blacks rugby team…

From music for children, to sight restoration for poor Cambodians, to programs in the Philippines and Samoa as well as in NZ itself, Rose Charities NZ has had an amazing 2015.   Read all about it in the end of year newsletter..    www.rosecharities.info/newsletters/nz-nov-2015.pdf